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About Me

I'm a creative professional with a long and varied background, including 25 years running a small record label, where I wrote everything we needed, from lyrics to ad copy to product descriptions to emails.  I’ve published articles in magazines, written blog posts and created websites.

Mostly I bridge gaps. I take jargonistic, technical or often misunderstood ideas, understand them and then translate that understanding into clear, precise language that helps people finally "get it".  I can use this skill to help you grow and be more and more efficient.

But my guess is my history and credentials don’t matter to you as much as what you’re trying to accomplish and whether I can help.  To many that may sound cold, but I think it makes perfect sense.  You don’t have time to read my story when you’re working hard to tell yours.

So, I’ll skip to telling you what I bring to the table:

  • I create copy and content with a dedication to excellence and accuracy.
  • As a business owner, I understand the big picture. I will ask the questions that matter.
  • As a former web developer, I understand online presences, SEO, traffic and digital marketing.
  • I never miss a deadline and I never set unrealistic expectations. If it can be done by tomorrow, I’ll do that.  If it can’t, you’ll know.
  • I never marry myself to my work, so if you need an edit, you got it. AKA: I'm a team player, and my only goal is the growth of your business.
  • I communicate. I will ask questions and I will tell you what I’m thinking.  You’ll know what you’re getting and I’ll know what you need.
  • I always research work, even when I'm already an expert. Accuracy and depth are as important to me as they are to you.
  • As a long-time creative professional, I am fully comfortable with the creative process. You will not need to hold my hand.
  • Nevertheless, I am not afraid of involvement. If you want to help or make suggestions, great!

If you want to talk to me and learn more about my background and my goals, I'd love to tell you, but mostly I want to know about your goals, struggles and needs.  Feel free to reach out and let me know what you need!

I'm looking forward to our conversation!


E-Mail me today for a free consultation at aaron@nquit.com!