Even More About Aaron

Sometimes it matters what a person’s history is. For those of you who ARE curious who I am and what I’ve done, here it is!

First the now: I’m a music producer, writer and ACE certified personal trainer. My background is mostly in music, entertainment and audio, which you can readily see when you take a look at my publications list. As for my career focus (ie: where I get most of my money), it’s in writing.

I still write in music and entertainment, but I’ve also been writing for clients in other areas, and I’m really interested in doing a ton in health and fitness.

I’ve been producing music and writing about the process and the business for 25 years, but for that whole time I’ve also been an athlete and martial artist. In April 2019, I finally pulled the trigger and earned my ACE personal trainer certification, and I do work part time in that field.

As a trainer, before COVID I mainly led high intensity interval classes (HIIT), but was also known to train individuals and even led a session of A Matter Of Balance (a fall prevention course) not so long ago. During the pandemic, I’ve shifted to fully remote coaching, exercise programming, mindset and behavior change lecturing, and nutritional coaching (within my scope of practice).

As a musician and performer, I have a long history, but here are the highlights: I’ve produced tons of records, was once featured on BBC Radio I (as Third Option), was the 10th ranked slam poet in the world, created NQuit Music (which has had some kind of online presence for the entire time the web has existed), and I have a master’s degree from Stanford University in Music, Science and Technology.

The other thing you may notice if you’ve looked through my resume is that I’ve been a tech person for a lot of my professional career. I’ve done IT, tech support, various audio and video jobs, and most of all, was a professional web developer for many years. Probably my most notable project in that area was being lead developer on a re-write of the New York Times E-Edition site. I have no idea if my code still runs that site, but at least the header art is the same! 🙂

That’s a pretty short version of my story, but I think that’ll do for now. If you want to know more, feel free to email me at aaron@nquit.com!

— Aaron